When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 30



“For simply being you”

It kept running through his head as he left the house until he got to the hotel. A smile permanently plastered on his face. He was whistling a tune and beaming at everyone he met at the lobby and elevator.

Once he reached his office, he smiled widely at his secretary. “Good morning, Josan. You look lovely today.”

Josan’s eyebrows frowned not only because of the compliment her boss has given her but also because of the unlikely sight. Sure she has seen his boss smiling happily but not like this, like he was in a state of euphoria.

“Good morning, Sa Jang-nim” she greeted back and can’t help but add. “You seem to be in a good mood today, considering you are almost an hour late.”

His secretary’s comment made him remember why he was late and he blushed at the memory. He heard Josan giggled, bringing him back to his senses.

“I really wish I had a camera right now so I can capture our President’s blushing face. Now that is a sight we don’t see often” Josan teased, laughing at his expense.

Jungsu cleared his throat and tried to mask his face with irritation to no avail as his lips curled up into a smile. “Don’t worry Jos, you’ll see more of this often,” he commented. To avoid any more questions from his secretary, he inquired about his schedule for the day.

After knowing all his supposed meetings and activities for the day, he thanked Josan and excused himself. He was nearing his office door when she asked if he wanted a drink. He nodded in reply.

“The usual it is, then!” Josan announced.

“Actually Jos…” he said, gaining her attention. “Can you make an Americano for me, please?”

As if finding his request funny, his secretary started laughing. “Park Jungsu-ssi drinking Americano? You’re kidding right?” She asked in between laughs.

“No, I’m not” he answered with a stern face that made Josan stopped laughing.

“Oh…you’re serious” she said in an amused tone.

Jungsu nodded at her and went into his office, leaving his secretary to wonder what has gotten into him. He was more of an iced choco person and couldn’t stand the bitter taste. However, upon knowing that it was Sora’s favourite, he wanted to get used to it.

Once inside, he settled himself on his chair and started to read through the documents that were left for him to do when he left for his honeymoon. Since his wedding was a private family affair, no one in his company knew about it. Furthermore, he had no intention of letting the public know about it.  Having reporters and the public following his marriage life wasn’t something to look forward to.  Moreover, he wanted to protect Sora from public scrutiny as much as possible. Having been a victim of scandals himself, Jungsu knew how cruel media can be. He was enjoying every moment of his married life, without the media ruining it.

Immersed in his work, he didn’t realize Josan came in with his coffee. He whispered his thanks as she placed the mug of warm drink on his table and reached out for it without taking his eyes away from the files he was reading. Once the bitter taste filled his tongue, his face twisted in distaste as he endured himself not to spit it out.

“Why does she love to drink this?” he wondered, setting the mug back on the table.

“Because of the bitter taste” Josan explained then asked in curiosity, “And who is she? You mean Kang Sora-ssi?”

Jungsu started coughing after realizing his slip of tongue. “Just forget it, Jos” he said. He knew he can trust her, but he was not ready to let others know that he is already married. As far as media was concerned, they were only engaged after his little display at Mrs. Lee’s charity event.

“Hmmmmm…arasso” she said, tapping her chin with her index finger in deep thought and then left his office.


Kamsahamnida” Sora said to the driver as they arrived at her destination. She really needed to buy herself a new car. She was sad to leave Gomi at a pet nursery as she wasn’t sure if they allowed dogs in the hotel. If she had a car, then she could always bring her puppy along and leave it in the car if needed.

Upon entering the lobby, she immediately spotted Kona Beans, the official name of the coffee shop first owned by her husband’s family. She felt a sense of pride knowing how hard Jungsu worked to make his family’s business grow by opening more branches in Korea that eventually led to hotel chains.

After looking around, she made her way to the reception area and asked where she can find Jungsu’s office. She was disappointed when she was told by the receptionist that she can’t see him unless she has made an appointment. Sora was even tempted to say that she doesn’t need to make an appointment to see her husband, but that will only stir uproar in the social media.

“Of course she can you pabo” the other receptionist who was dealing with another client suddenly interrupted their conversation. “Mianhamnida Kang Sora-ssi, she is new here.” She apologized then added, “You are President Park Jungsu’s fiancée, right? I read it in the newspaper.”

Sora nodded her head slightly to confirm it and the other receptionist started apologizing profusely. She reassured her that it was fine.

“Thank you…Huey” she said to the lady receptionist who kindly led her to the private lift that only the management can use.

Reaching the floor, she stepped out of the elevator. Scanning the corridor, she finally found his office. Knocking gently on the door, she heard a lady’s voice telling her to come in.

“Annyeong hashimnikka” Sora greeted formally once she entered the office. The lady whom she suspected to be the secretary looked up from typing on her computer. Once she saw Sora, her face flashed with recognition.

“I knew it was you!” she suddenly blurted making Sora frown. “Omo! I’m sorry Kang Sora-ssi. I’m forgetting my manners. I’m Josan, by the way.”

She accepted her handshake and smiled. “I don’t think I need to introduce myself, right?” Sora couldn’t decide if she should be comfortable with the idea of his hotel staff knowing about her ‘relationship’ with their president. On the other hand, she felt relieved that they knew her even if they only read about it on the news.

Sa Jang-nim is attending a conference with the major stockholders of the company right now” Josan informed her. “You can wait in his office, he should be here shortly.”

Sora thanked Josan as she showed her to his office. She settled herself on the black leather sofa situated at the far corner of the room near the glass windows while Josan came back with a cup of coffee.

“Hmmmm…nothing beats the taste of this coffee” Sora murmured in delight as she took a sip. She lifted her head up when she noticed Josan was still looking at her with a knowing smile. She couldn’t help but asked, “Something wrong?”

Ani…” she denied, still smiling and then excused herself. Sora was left wondering how she knew about her favourite coffee and was about to ask her but decided against it.


After a few hours of sitting in a confined conference room, Jungsu was more than glad when it ended. Receiving an e-mail from his secretary saying that there was a girl waiting for him in his office drinking ‘Americano’, he immediately wanted to get out of the room.

He left the conference hall in a hurry without staying for a few chit chats with his business associates like he usually does. He walked back to his office in quick long strides.

“Where is she?” Jungsu asked excitedly once he reached his office.

“In your office” Josan answered, smiling at him.

He went inside and found his lovely wife sitting on the sofa whilst flipping through a magazine. Hearing the door opened, she lifted her head up. She quickly stood up and greeted him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. Noticing the sudden change in her expression, he corrected himself. “It didn’t come out right. Not that I’m not happy to see you here, I am just beyond ecstatic in fact. So happy actually, I am just surprised that’s all.”

Oh great! Now I’m blabbering like an idiot! 

Sora smiled in delight at his explanation. He offered her to sit and plopped down next to her.

“Sorry for coming here without telling you” she apologized.

Aniya…you don’t have to apologize. You can come here anytime.” He reassured her. “So what do I owe this pleasure Park Sora-ssi?” he asked grinning widely.

Sora’s face flushed at the name. Park Sora, that will take time getting used to but she liked the sound of it.

“I wanted to make it up to you after ruining our breakfast.” she said shyly, remembering the mess she created in the kitchen. “So I decided to make you lunch.”

Feeling elated at her thoughtfulness, his face lit up. Deciding to tease her a little, he masked his face with a horrified expression.

“Yah!” she shrieked slapping his arm. “I know I made quite a disaster in the kitchen but I can make a decent dosirak.” she defended.

“Quite? You almost burned down the house” he said in amusement.

“That was partly your fault!” she retorted back, her face blushing from embarrassment.

“How is it my fault?”

“You know why!” she stated defiantly. “If you don’t want my lunch then I better go”. She made a move to stand up but he caught her wrist and pulled her back. He apologized to her while trying to hold his laughter back.

“So what have you got for me?” he asked. She handed him a small rectangular box that was neatly wrapped in a light blue cloth. He started to unwrap it as Sora fidgeted in her seat. Before he could open the silver lunch box, she took it away from him.

“I changed my mind; you don’t have to eat it.”

“Hey that’s my lunch. You can’t take it back just like that!” he said and snatched it back. Afraid that she’ll take it away again, he opened it quickly like a kid opening a Christmas present. His face beamed with happiness when he finally opened it. “This is so cute. How can I eat this?” he asked mostly to himself as he stared at the dosirak specially made by his wife.

She created a miniature of his face using rice, dried fish and seaweeds. She made an argument that he didn’t really have to eat it and they can go out instead but he refused. He took out his phone and captured both of their lunch boxes despite her teasing that it was weird of him to do that. He only wanted to keep a picture as a remembrance. So whenever he looks at it, he’ll be reminded how lucky he was to have her in his life. Not that he needed reminding anyway.

With all the women he had in his life, nobody has ever done this for him. Sora didn’t even know how to cook, that much he knew after her little display of her talent in the kitchen this morning, but that didn’t stop her from cooking for him.

Finishing their lunch, he walked her to the elevator and decided to her take to the first floor despite Sora’s strong protests. As they got in, she unconsciously checked herself in the mirror. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“Beautiful” he whispered as he gave her cheek a soft kiss. As cliché as it may sound, having her as his wife was like hitting a jackpot. Who would have thought that the woman he met at a baseball event covered with coke and popcorn will be his wife?

Lucky indeed that he met her. He couldn’t picture himself without her in his life for she brings light and joy in his busy mundane life.



The sound of the elevator signalled that they have reached the first floor. “Are you sure you don’t want me to get you a cab?” Jungsu asked, still holding her tightly against him.

“I’m a big girl, I can get myself a ride” she said. “Besides, we can’t take the risk. There must be paparazzi’s lurking outside waiting for their opportunity to get a scoop.”

He let out a sigh of disappointment and let go of her. She turned around to face him. “We are still going to that dinner tonight, right?” he asked with hope.

She nodded in response and gave him a quick peck on the lips before stepping out of the lift. However, before she was able to do so, Jungsu grabbed her hand and pulled her back in his arms. He reached out and pressed the button shutting the elevator.

Circling his arm around her waist, he pulled her tighter. Without second thought, she leaned closer yearning for his warm embrace, as her heart raced at an alarmingly rate. Resting her head on his chest, she could hear his heartbeat matching the rhythm of her own. It was the most beautiful sound she ever heard.

“Someone might see us” she mumbled.

“I don’t care” he answered. She tried to pull away but he only tightened his hold on her. “Just let me hold you a little longer.” He whispered as he buried his face at the crook of her neck inhaling her scent. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me Sora-ya.”

She could say the same thing to him. His effect on her has become so overwhelming but in a good way. Before she could formulate a response, he pulled away. Jungsu cups her face with both hands as his thumb caressed her cheeks. Her eyes fluttered close as she naturally leaned in to his touch.

Perfect. That is how Sora would describe this moment. It feels whole yet earth shattering and unreal. She was afraid that she’ll wake up only to find that it was all but a dream…a fantasy that she created in her mind.

“I missed you” he whispered softly. His voice was filled with longing, desire and something more. She was about to lighten the tension by telling him that they were together in the morning so he couldn’t have missed her but the way that he looked at her stopped her from saying anything. He took a deep breath as if he was preparing for something then looked deep in to her eyes, right through her soul. They shared a special moment as their gazes locked. She saw a strong emotion flickered through Jungsu’s eyes like he was trying to convey something. “I…-“

As if her hand has a mind of its own, she reached out and placed a finger in his lips stopping him. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he wanted to say, his intense gaze and his voice are more than enough indication but Sora wasn’t sure if she’s ready to hear it.  Some may say it’s too soon for them to feel this way about each other, she even thought about it herself. They have been waltzing around love and hate line for so long and it’s time they pick which side they really are.

Sora felt like they have already walked that thin line of thread and on the verge of falling to the depths of it. She doesn’t really have a good history at loving someone and to finally admit that she has fallen yet again frightens her. Maybe she needs more time to fully accept that fact.

Sensing her discomfort, he tugged her back for another hug. “Too soon?” he asked audibly sounding nervous and rattled as she is. She nodded against his chest. “I know you feel like we’re going too fast but I just want you to know that all I ask of you is to give me a chance. A chance to prove to you that you’ll never regret saying I do.

Can this moment get any more perfect? Sora thought to herself. After a few more moment of snuggling in the lift, they said their goodbyes.

Successfully getting a taxi, she went straight to the nursery to pick up Gomi. Knowing that she couldn’t bring the dog to their dinner, she asked her parents to look after it for the night and they were glad to do so but not without giving her a subtle hint about giving them a grandchild to take care of soon and not just a puppy.

Knowing that she had a few more hours to spare, she decided to visit Jungsu’s parents and had a lovely time talking to them.

When she arrived home, she went straight to their room to hang her clothes in their now shared closet. Months ago, she would have rejected the idea of even spending time in the same room as Park Jungsu, worst on the same bed. But now, the idea of being away from him is like a torture. Is that even possible? To long for someone’s presence even when you are just a few hours apart from each other? She sighed. Is it too early to call it the L-word? She has been burned once, believed in all the magic and promises of the word but she ended up lost and broken.

Jungsu was the one who helped her forget and made her realize that she deserves to be happy. To have someone who values her like she does was the best thing that has ever happened in her life. But what if Jungsu ends up breaking her heart? Who would help her pick up the pieces? One thing she was sure of, it will be much harder to forget him for she was certain she has fallen deeper into the unfathomable abyss of what everyone refers to as love.

Why? Why? Why? Why does it have to be him? She can come up with a few reasons why not Jungsu but she can come up with hundreds of reason why it has to be him and no one else, so she stopped asking the ‘why’ and focused more on what lies ahead of them. Especially now that she has come to embrace the fact that what she feels about Jungsu went beyond just attraction.


Sora was in the process of getting ready when she received a message from Park Jungsu telling her that he will be a little late as he was caught up with some business dealings. Glancing at the clock, it was only five in the evening so she decided to soak up in a bubble bath to help her relax.

By half past seven, she was ready, but didn’t receive another message, not even a call from him. She grew wary when she tried to call his number but it went straight to voice mail. She paced around the living room; with her mobile phone clutched in hand wishing for it to ring. After Sora’s relentless pacing, she decided to call In Young and asked if she knew where he could be.

“He must be busy at work like usual, Jungsu works too hard that you have to remind him to rest most of the—” Then, there was a pause on the line.

Yeobseo?” Sora asked.

“Turn on your television Soraya, SBS news” In Young informed her rather quickly. “I’m going to kill that son of—” Sora never heard the rest of what she said as she tuned in to the channel.

She slumped on the chair, forgetting the phone in hand. Sora was filled with dread when she was waiting for him. She thought of every possibility that could happen, hoping to god he wasn’t in some kind of an accident. Alas, it wasn’t. However, Sora felt like she got hit by a car, shattering her into million pieces. She finally came face to face with her feelings and she was certain he felt the same way too. Just how wrong can she be?

She inhaled deeply, trying to ease the tightness in her chest. “So this is what it feels like?” she asked herself. “To finally wake up realizing it was all but a dream.”


Parking his car at their garage, Jungsu’s anxiety grew at the impending doom that awaits him once he gets inside. Looking at his watch, he took a deep breath, it was already eight in the evening and he was beyond late for their dinner together. He walked through the front door as he readied himself for an explanation. He found Sora sitting on the couch staring at nothing in particular.

Despite the nervousness he felt, he couldn’t help but noticed how gorgeous she looked. She was wearing a blue satin dress that fits her flawlessly. The dress moulded her waist, complimenting her feminine shape. Its strapless style revealed her smooth luring skin. She would have looked amazing in his arms on their date, only it won’t happen. He sighed in regret.

“Hey” he said slowly garnering her attention. She snapped her head towards his direction and he winced at the look she had given him.

“I’m glad you still know your way home” she said full of sarcasm.

“Look Soraya…”

“Don’t call me that!” she hissed.

“I didn’t know the meeting would take longer than expected” he explained. “It was an important business deal and I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that.”

Sora stood up from her seat and took a deep breath. “Do you think I don’t know that? I do” she started. “I know all the hard work you’ve been through to bring your family business to where it is now, so I understand if you had to go to an urgent business meeting.”


“But, you could have done a lot of things   like at least calling me to tell me you were alright, to save me from imagining the worst. I waited like an idiot here, praying that I won’t hear any news about you in an accident!” she continuously poured out her frustrations and then let out an emotionless chuckle before she continued. “Imagine my surprise when I turned on the television and there you were, all safe and sound. You know what’s the worst part? You weren’t just safe, but you had your ex-girlfriend clinging to your arms and you can’t even get yourself away when she kissed you.”

“I tried to get away quickly!” he defended abruptly.

“Not quick enough” she spat and made her way to the stairs. He followed behind her and grabbed her wrist spinning her around to face him.

“And In Hye was never my girlfriend!” he tried to defend himself. “Please let me explain” he begged.

“You’ve done enough damage for tonight, so please just let me go” she pleaded in a dejected tone. Seeing the hurt on her face and the tears she was trying to hold back was worse than a slap on the face for him. He cursed himself for it.

He didn’t want to let go of her, but he knew if he insisted he would only make the matter worse than it already was. Regrettably, he let go of her arm as she stomped her way up the stairs to their room and he heard the door locked.


Jungsu camped himself in his library and used the couch as his makeshift bed. It was past eleven in the evening and he found himself still widely awake. It didn’t help that he received a call from his family raging mad at him. As if he wasn’t feeling guilty enough, his mother told him about how Sora came to their place this afternoon and asked if she could come back again so his Mom could teach her how to cook his favourite dishes.

Giving up the urge to sleep, he got up and sat at his desk. He flicker the lamp on and opened the bottom drawer of the bureau after entering his passcode.

Once unlocked, he grabbed the box that Sora once called his ‘treasure’ box. Taking the lid off, he took the one thing he kept for a long time, her Feiyue shoe that she had so ungracefully thrown at him at their first encounter. The thought of keeping it was crazy, but for some odd reason, he couldn’t bring himself to throw it away.

He wanted to return it to her but held himself back. What if she had already thrown the other pair? Then there’s no point in giving it back, she will probably laugh at him if she finds out he kept it. He thought of buying the same pair of shoes so he can complete the pair but somehow it feels wrong. Even if he bought a new shoe, it wouldn’t exactly be the right one. It needed to have its actual pair, the one that is actually made for it. The perfect fit.

After a few minutes of stupidly staring at it like he was some sort of a prince in a fairy tale story, waiting for the princess to claim back her missing shoe – he climbed back to the couch and willed himself to sleep to no avail. His heart was pounding like crazy, clenching and squeezing that it hurt.

He quietly made his way down the corridor with one ultimate goal. Standing before their room, he clasped his hand into a fist and was ready to knock when he banged his forehead lightly on the door at his own stupidity. You idiot! What are you going to tell her at this ungodly hour? Let her sleep for goodness’ sake! Unclasping his hand, he rested his palm on the door.

He took a deep breath as he gathered his strength to say the words he meant to tell her tonight on their supposed dinner date.

“Soraya…saranghae” he whispered at the dead silence of the night.

-End of the chapter-

Author’s note:

First off…I want to thank my LLT for editing the first draft. I made a mess…LOL…I’m sure you had a hard time checking my grammar errors… 😀

Thanks again..hugs…^^

Ducks head…please don’t throw anything at me. I know I know…IT will come. Just be patient with me…

To Jos and Huey…please don’t sue me for not asking permission before I wrote a cameo role for you both in this chapter…kkk..Considering Jos is our BOD sexytary general, I think you fit the role.

To those who want to have a special cameo, let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with. Tell me what do you want to be and how would you like to encounter our DC…hehehe.

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‘til next chapter ladies….hugs to all….



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