When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 31



Jungsu sat up from lying down in the couch and massaged his throbbing head. Sleep has avoided him the whole night. Glancing at his wristwatch, it was only six in the morning. He stood up and decided to go to their room half-hoping that Sora is still asleep. Fighting at this hour isn’t really a good idea at the moment.

Reaching their room, he was surprised to find the door slightly ajar. Pushing it open, his brows twisted in a frown as he took in the state of the room. It looks like it hasn’t been occupied. Scanning the room, his heart hammered as he realized Sora’s luggage was gone. With trembling hands, he took out his mobile phone in his pocket and dialled her number but it went straight to voice mail.

“Darn!” he swore throwing the phone on the bed as he started pacing around the room not knowing what to do. Realizing that sulking and pacing in the room wouldn’t help; he quickly took a shower and put on his clothes in a flash. A few moments later, he was already hitting the road.

Arriving at Kang’s residence, he pulled his car into a stop. Getting himself out of the car, his anxiety grew. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he walked to the front door and pressed the bell. He was only waiting for a few seconds but he felt like it’s taking so long. He had an urge to press the button again but he decided against it. A minute too long later, Mrs. Kang emerged from the door with a surprised look on her face when she saw who was buzzing their door early in the morning.

“Anneyonghaseyo Jangmo-nim” he greeted bowing his head to his mother-in-law.

“Jungsu-yah what are you doing here so early in the morning?” she asked.

Jungsu took another deep breath trying to get the courage to talk to his in-laws. He was hoping they would listen to him. Not wanting to waste his time, he cut to the chase. “I’m sure you already know what happened last night. I swear it’s not what it looks like.”

“How are you going to explain that you were seen lip locking with a woman who happens to be not our daughter?” someone said from behind Mrs. Kang. Jungsu cringed at the tone of Sora’s father.

“I can explain that” he said sounding nervous.

“Go on.” Mr. Kang said motioning his hand for him to continue then crossed his arms over his chest. “Explain yourself.”

Yeobo” Mrs. Kang called out. “We should talk about this inside the house.” She tried to push her husband inside but he wouldn’t budge as he remained standing in the doorway. If looks could kill, Jungsu would be a corpse by now. He wanted to look down but he remained still in his spot.

Successfully getting Mr Kang inside the house after their stare-down contest, Jungsu was led to their living room. He kneeled to the floor and bowed in respect. Before his nerves kicks in, he started to explain himself. “I can’t deny the fact that the kiss did happen.” he said honestly. “But it wasn’t because I wanted to. I was even surprised when In Hye just pulled me in for a kiss and I tried to get away. I swear”

“You weren’t quick enough.” Mr Kang said just like how Sora did.

“That was a mistake and I’m willing to do everything to fix this” Jungsu said sounding desperate. “It was stupid I know, and there’s no logical explanation to what you’ve seen on the television but please believe me when I say I never meant to hurt your daughter. She meant so much to me.”

Mr Kang was about to say something but Mrs Kang gave him a warning look. His mother-in-law turned to him and gave him a reassuring pat on his shoulder. “I’ll be honest with you Jungsu, we were disappointed when we saw that on television.” Jungsu slump his shoulder in misery. “We don’t really know what happened but this is something you and Sora has to figure out.”

“I was hoping you could help me talk to her.” He pleaded. “She’s not at home and her phone is switched off.”

Sora’s parents shared a look but it was Mr Kang who spoke. “She’s not here.”

“She was supposed to come here to collect Gomi but she sent me a message asking for me to take care of him for a few days” Mrs Kang explained.

He asked if they know where she could be but they both shook their heads.  After giving another set of apologies, he said his goodbyes and took Gomi with him. Mr Kang volunteered to walk him to his car. Upon settling the puppy at the back, his father-in-law spoke. “On normal circumstances, you wouldn’t be able to leave this house without a broken bone.” Jungsu winced as he visualized it happening. “I am only holding myself back because I know you both are still at an early stage of your relationship. You might be married but you still have a lot to learn about each other.” He finished while giving him a knowing look.

Jungsu stopped walking as he understood what he meant. “How…”

He gave him a pat on the back and said. “I may be old but I’m no fool.” Still unable to form a response at this new discovery, Jungsu just stood there. Giving him a squeeze on the shoulder, Mr Kang continued. “Growing up, Sora never kept a secret from us, not even to her brothers but suddenly, she changed.” He stopped with a faraway expression on his face. “For years, she has been bottling something inside of her but never spoke of it. She smiles but it never reaches her eyes then you came along. When you’re around her, she has this look on her that I’ve never seen for years. I thought you were good for her so please don’t make me regret trusting you with my daughter.”

Hearing all of it, Jungsu felt overwhelmed and relieved that her parents were giving him a chance. He bowed again maintaining a ninety degree stance and expressed his gratitude.

As he stood up, Mr Kang said. “Just a piece of advice, there are feelings that can’t be delivered perfectly by just saying it. You have to show it. You have to be inventive sometimes, try writing a letter to convey what you feel. Say why you’re wrong and ask for forgiveness. Trust me, it works all the time.” Mr Kang finished with a wink.

He thanked him again and drove off to his next destination.


Taking the elevator, he took another deep breath as he prepared himself for another confrontation. Talking to the secretary, he was led to Heechul’s office where he found Siwon talking to him. They both turned their heads when he entered the room.

“What are you doing here?!” Siwon stated in rage as he approached Jungsu grabbing his collar.

“Siwon-ah stop it!” Heechul warned

Siwon looked at his older brother in disbelief. “Are you taking his side? He cheated on our sister!”

“Just let him go” Heechul asked calmly and he unwilling let go of Jungsu.

Siwon walked to the door still fuming but before he reached the door, he turned around and gave Jungsu a good jab in the face sending him trampling on the floor. “That’s for my sister you as—“

“Siwon!Go out!”

Banging the door as he went out, Heechul just shook his head at his younger brother’s temper. He helped Jungsu get up but not without saying he’s not sorry for what his brother has done because he wanted to do it himself but refraining from doing so. Jungsu knew he deserved that but he’s willing to take a beating if it means knowing where Sora is.

“She’s our only sister so I guess you expected that to happen when you decided to come here” Heechul said shrugging as he went back to his desk. Jungsu settled himself at the seat across the table as he held his left cheek. He was sure it’s going to left a bruise.

“Let’s not beat around the bush. Honestly, I didn’t approve your marriage especially to someone she barely know.”

“So you know too?” Jungsu asked flabbergasted.

Heechul simply nodded then said. “After what happened with Sungmin, Sora built this invisible wall and she won’t let anyone in. She would never allow others to see her cry because she said that would only make her look weak.” He then turned to Jungsu. Heechul continued telling him how Sora grew up like a boy and how they sometimes forget that she’s a girl so she became tough. Hence, she’s used to call them Hyung rather than Oppa like most girls do. “And then I saw you holding her as she cried. For someone to be able to break the wall she created, I thought you were the one for her. Prove me right or else you’re going to get more than just a punch on your face.”

Jungsu knew that although Heechul made it look like a joke as he said the last part, he was serious. He was glad to know that he was willing to give him a chance to prove that he’s the one for Sora. Now, only if Sora can be as forgiving as them.

When Heechul told him that he also doesn’t know where Sora is, he felt deflated. Dragging his feet out of his brother-in-law’s office, his phone suddenly rang. It was probably Josan asking him why he was running late. He cancelled the call without bothering to answer. He was nearing the door when Heechul spoke. “If I hear anything from Sora, I’ll let you know.”

It was then that Jungsu felt a glimmer of hope. He smiled at him as he left the office.


Whilst driving, he decided to call Josan to inform her that he’s on his away but will have to make a stop at the pet nursery. Arriving at the nursery, Jungsu couldn’t help but noticed that Gomi has taken a liking to one of the workers. Whilst signing up his details on the form required for the owners, he received another call and answered it immediately when he saw the caller ID. It was Heechul telling him he found out where Sora is. Ending the call, he rang Josan again asking her to cancel all his appointments.

Sajang-nim, you just came back from work yesterday. We have been moving all these appointments when you were gone for a week!” Josan stated in obvious irritation.

“You can attend the meeting for me then.” He suggested.

“Do you know how hard it is to deal with…wait…what did you say?”

Jungsu can’t help but smile as he can picture what Josan looked at that moment. Disbelief must be written all over her face. “I said you can attend the meeting. You were always with me when I attend those. You know all the ropes so you’ll be fine.”

“I can’t!” his secretary refused.

“Jos, you can do it.” He encouraged. “There’s somewhere I really have to be right now. If you insist that I work, you deal with the consequences of working with my grumpy self”

“That’s not fair!”

Jungsu stifled a laugh. “Please Jos.” He begged. “You attend those meetings and I’ll give you a VIP seat on Big Bang’s concert next month.”

There was a long pause on the other line. He knew it was a deal his secretary couldn’t just reject. “Alright, fine!” She announced.

He said his thanks but asked her another favour. “Can you book me a flight to Busan today? I want it ASAP please.”

Jungsu heard Josan huff on the other line then said, “Consider it done but you better get me a backstage pass.”

“Deal!” he agreed happily then added, “Whilst you’re at it, please check with the airline if I can bring a pet with me.”

After ending the call, he turned back to Gomi who was now playing with one of the workers whom he found out to be Pepi-chan based on her name tag. He informed her that he changed his mind and will be taking his pet with him to his flight.

“That’s too bad. I was looking forward to playing with Gomi today.” She stated sadly.

“We’ll be back here so Gomi can play with you.” Jungsu said smiling.

He said his goodbyes and drove straight to his office to collect his itinerary.


“Sora are you okay?”

Sora has lost count how many times Ji-joo asked that question. They were currently in their company van on the way back to their hotel. Her friend was surprised when she suddenly showed up at work so early in the morning and decided to join them at their scheduled photo shoot in Busan. They don’t really need an extra photographer but she insisted on going even if she ends up assisting their main photographer. Whenever she’s in trouble, her job helps her relax and forget her current dilemmas.

“You know you can talk to me about it right?” her friend asked again when Sora didn’t answer.

She nodded in response and said, “I just need some time to cool off.”

Arriving at the hotel, Sora decided to go straight to her room than having dinner with her colleagues. Whilst on the lift, she took out her phone and was not surprised to see the number of phone calls she received, mostly from Jungsu.

Her phone suddenly rang and decided to pick it up. It was Heechul telling her that Jungsu know where she is. “Why did you tell him?!” she asked in bewilderment.

“Sora-ya, you should stop running away like this.”

“I’m not running away!” she contested. “I just needed time to think.”

She heard her brother sigh on the other line. “I heard that before” He said and Sora knew what he meant. The last time she said that, she chose to run away instead of facing the matter at hand.

Why was she running away again? Oh yeah, she found her husband kissing another woman on national television. But is that really the reason why she’s hiding from him? Partly yes, but her main reason was she was afraid. Afraid that if she hears him explain, she’ll believe him and forgive him easily. That’s what troubling her, a big part of her believed him when he said he tried to get away from the kiss and he would never do that to her but she can’t forgive him just like that.

When she didn’t respond, Heechul muttered his goodbye.

“By the way, tell Jungsu to apply an ice pack on his face or he will end up having a nasty bruise.” He said then ended the call.

“What did you do?!” Sora asked in disbelief but the line went dead. She tried contacting him again but her brother turned off his phone. She continued to dial his number to no avail.

Reaching her suite, she swiped her card to unlock the door. She was surprised when a familiar brown fur started running to her side.

“Gomi?” she asked unsure. “What are you doing here little buddy?”

Sora kneeled down and held the puppy in hand. Turning the switch on, her eyes widened in astonishment at the red and white petals on the floor leading up to her room. She followed it until she reached her door and found a sticky note.

“When you open this door, I’ll take it as a sign that you’re going to open up your heart and give me another chance” is what it says. Sora’s lips curved into a smile even if she tried not to. She took out the note and entered the room.

Stepping in, she found a red rose. She picked it up and read another note attached to it. “I was a jerk”

“Yeah you were” she thought. She then continued walking to collect the rest of his sticky notes.

“I was stupid”

She nodded at that, “You definitely are”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that”

She sighed. Feeling her anger slowly dissipates.

“Will you forgive me?”

“Maybe, but you can’t get away that easily” she thought to herself.

Walking to her bed, she sat down and reached out for the heart-shaped stuffy pillow with his note.

“I meant every word in my vow. When you walked down that aisle, I knew you were the one and you’ll forever hold my heart”

Setting Gomi on the bed, she clutched the soft toy against her chest. This is what she was scared, he is not even physically there to apologize, but his words alone were enough for her to forget what happened.

She was disturbed from her thoughts when Gomi sat on her lap. Sora then noticed another note, rolled and neatly tucked in Gomi’s collar. She took it but she frowned when she found a blank note.

“I didn’t write on it because I wanted to say it personally”

She stiffened at the sound of his voice. Oh how she missed it! His voice! His voice that always seems to sooth her and she never realized how she missed it until now. Slowly, she raised her head up. He was leaning at the side of the door, both hands in his pockets. When she saw his bruised left cheek, she ran to him completely forgetting that she’s still mad at him.

“Are you alright? Does it hurt? You should have applied ice pack on it!” she fussed over him. “Let me have a look at it” she said as she held his face with both hands and turning it to his right side to have a better look at his left cheek.

“Soraya I’m fine” he said gently as he touched her hand whilst she was still holding his face.

“You don’t look fine!” she said worriedly. “I’m going to kill my brothers for doing this!” she muttered all to herself.

“Soraya, I really am fine. It’s only a bruise.” He said as he held both of her hands with his. She looked at him in the eyes and she suddenly remembered that she’s supposed to be mad at him. Pulling her hands back, she took a step back. She almost regrets doing that when she saw the hurt in his eyes.

He walked slowly towards her, calculating his every step like he was afraid that one wrong move from him and she’ll run away again. A part of her brain wanted her to move but her body don’t seem to follow as she remained still as he grew closer. His quavering hands paved its way to her shoulders to the crook of her neck forcing Sora to look up at him.

“I’m so sorry” he apologized sincerely looking straight to her eyes. She just gawked at him without saying a word. “I was stupid…I…I was an idiot, a-’’

“A certified jerk?” she interrupted.

“Yes!” He agreed nodding his head vigorously. “A certified jerk, that’s definitely me!” She can’t help but smile at that. “Mianhada” he gasped as he leaned his forehead against hers.

She closed her eyes, breathing in the moment. She felt so tempted to just give in and forget but there’s still a part of her telling her not to. Sora couldn’t forget the suffocating hurt he had made her go through last night. He already holds so much power over her but she’s not willing to give in that easily.

She pulled away in an instant and ran her hands through her face as she tried to put a distance between them. Having him close tend to cloud her mind, she needed time to ponder about this, needed time to think. She needed a space…a room to breathe.


“Stay there!” she ordered frantically as she saw him moving closer. “Don’t stay too close!”

She began fretfully pacing around the room and stopped dead on her tracks when he stood up right in front of her grabbing her by her shoulder. “I need you to listen to me” he pleaded. “I can’t turn back the time to reverse what I did. I am truly sorry for causing you such pain and I want you to know that I would never hurt you like that again because I lov-’’

“Stop!” she said raising both of her palms up. She tried to back away again but he kept walking towards her until she felt her back against the wall. He placed his hands at either side of her head trapping her. With no means of escape, she avoided his gaze.

“I know you’re scared”

“I am not scared!” she said defiantly lifting her chin up. “I’m…I’m just…I’m confused. I need time to think and I can’t seem to do that when you’re standing so close to me!” She tried to push him but finding it hard to do so. “Please” she begged as she dropped her hands to her side feeling weak all of a sudden.

It happened so quick and unexpected that it took her brain a few seconds to register what was happening. Next thing she knew, Jungsu was giving her the most gentle and passionate kiss. He kissed her like he was trying to pour out all his feelings through it. He captured her bottom lip gauging her reaction and when she didn’t made a move to pull away, his kiss deepened.

His arm draped around her waist, pulling her in while her hands anxiously travelled up his chest to lock together behind his neck tugging him closer as she found herself responding to his kisses.   She felt his left hand slide into the nook of her neck and tilt her head upwards, so he could have better access to her mouth. She felt her control over the situation dissolve.

He pulled away leaning his forehead against hers as they both struggled to get their breathing back to normal. A few moments later, he traced a finger to her cheeks wiping the tears that she unknowingly shed. Using his index finger, he lifted her chin so she can look at him.

“I’m sorry Sora-ya. Please forgive me.” He begged once again, his voice sounding weak and on the verge of breaking. “Saranghanda”

He said it softly like a mere whisper and her heart went haywire, her breathing caught in her throat. When she finally able to breathe. She pulled away from him again as her heart continued to pound in her chest. “You’re just saying that so I can forgive you.” She managed to choke out. She jerked away from his hand when he made a move to reach for her. He clasped onto her arm unwilling to her go and for the second time that night, she found herself trapped once again as he held her by the shoulders.

“I love you!” he said with his intense gaze burning into hers. “I understand if you don’t believe me but please give me a chance to prove to you that I mean it.”

He stared at her in daze, tears brimming in his eyes.  She looks at him not uttering a single word. Sora struggled to breathe with a sudden lump rising in her throat and her chest squeezing in pain. She gave him a nod as a response and without realizing it, a tear fell on her cheeks. She was in his arms in an instant engulfing her in a tight embrace. Sora knew then that she was putty in his hands. She was certain that she would forgive him not only this time but the next, and the next, and the next after that.

No matter how much she tried to deny it, he was the only one who can ease the pain away even if he is the cause of her heart break. She needed this, his embrace – his sincere confession made all the aches go away.

As much she was reluctant to admit, she needs him. She needed him like air to breath.

-End of Chapter-

Author’s note: (You can skip this part but please read the important notice at the very end)

This chapter is unedited, my editor poke (@lazyme2day) is busy so please pardon the grammatical errors. You have been waiting for so long so I thought you deserve an update even though this hasn’t been edited. I hope this chapter is up to par.. 🙂

@pepichan: I hope you like your cameo..^^

@lovinsora: yeah I read your comments on my LLt’s FF..^^ I’ll see what I can come up with your request. The IT part?? Still in writing progress.. XD

@Xiumin: Sorry for the horrid wait…^^

@isti: LOL..yes it’s the shoes, it was an easy guess actually…kkk. In Hye is just here to give our couple a little drama..hehe

@danyestelle: I know, sometimes my chapter titles and image gave it away..kkk. I love twists..^^

@rika @domodomochan thanks for following on twitter..^^

@happydimple I knew there are readers who got it right..^^ Thanks for being patient with me.

@ysay: I’m glad we (FF writers) helped you saved your allowance. I hope to see more of your comment…kkk. It makes me happy to know what you think.

@athena: your birthday has passed already..LOL..I might give u a ‘pregnant chapter’ on X-mas though…hahaha

@rhodz: Thanks for being so patient with me..^^


Regarding the IT part, since some readers don’t have twitter account I had to think of something else for you to know the password. You’ll know once IT is posted.. XD

This chapter is so cheesy!!!LOL.. I had some throwbacks from our DC WGM episode..^^ I bet you noticed all of them.


If you got time, please read the next post.



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