From the moment I laid my eyes on these two on their first episode, I had no doubt that they were strongly attracted to each other especially Leeteuk towards Sora. And I don’t want to elaborate as to I believe if they’re real or not ‘coz I do. It’ll take 900 soompi pages to explain why.. 😀

The reason why I am posting this is because of the article that has been floating around because of Teukie’s recent SH episode with a certain actress whose name I don’t really know and not even a slight interested to know more about her. The pictures of her shared on soompi and some related news about her is enough for me to understand that she’s not even close to Leeteuk’s type of woman.

I admit I was upset at first but it’s not that I lost faith in him, never in a second that I ever doubt his sincerity ‘coz I know how his uncontrollable mouth of his always gets him in trouble, he should have learned his lesson and think before saying anything!! and I seriously wanna give that mouth of his a slap!!kkkkk…

I feel so bad for him that people tend to judge quickly and forget all the things he did in the past just ‘coz of this one stupid 5 minutes air of SH episode..I understand 1st reactions, we’re only human, we jump to conclusions but we have to take time and look back..and ask will Teukie really do this? If he’s here, what would his reaction would be? Will he just let this news slide?

I don’t really read news article on AllKpop, with all due respect to the writers, I just don’t like how people bash artists through their comments.. ever since I read an article before when JHW confessed his love publicly and everyone (commented) questioned saying how he’ll ruin YIN’s career and how he put YIN in a difficult situation by confessing and when YIN accepted his confession, some even said they’re going to break up whilst he’s in the Army and YIN will cheat on him… WTH?so since then, I never even bother to scroll down to read comments ‘coz it’ll only hurt me.

What I am really trying to say is that, with all the women that has been linked to Teukie, this girl is far by the most less threatening for me… why?because there wasn’t much to tell or dwell was just one incident in SH and just a text response using Banmal and Leeteuk saying they met “ONCE”..why do people made a big fuss about it???? And so she used banmal, if I am not mistaken she replied “What’s this?” on Leeteuk’s “I will miss you”—doesn’t it prove that they don’t get contact that often? If they were really close, would she reply like that? I agree with other FDs that Leeteuk wouldn’t just leave knowing this will create chaos to media and didn’t he left us with a big hint a night before he left for army? the tweet about his bedroom with Sora’s gift (clock) and the star from TSL fans?!!!

Sometimes, I just wished that I am not too attached to this couple that articles like this and bad comments about them affected me too much…*sigh

but I am holding firm to my belief and keep my faith on DC..

Teukso is Real..this is of course is just me believing it, I am not 100% sure of the real score between them and I am still open to the idea that they may not be real but they haven’t confirmed nor denied it so i am holding on to it. It might not turn out the way I wanted but I’ll continue to support them individually though it will eventually break my heart but will have to accept it and they are only human, they have a life to live and they make their own choice whom they want to spend their life F5REVER with..I just hope they realize that they are meant to be together and oh so perfect for each other.. 🙂

And so whilst trying to calm myself down, I re-watched their episodes to remind me why I love them so and end up making a wallpaper for my desktop background and created another FMV..dunno if this is FMV actually, it actually meant to just confirm if he said “saranghanda” on their final episode but i got carried away…kkk

Dimple couple: REEL or REAL? from bbRheya36 on Vimeo.


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