People close to me calls me Rhey, I like it as it sound like a guys name..

Nobody knows who I really am….”well that’s what I thought because not even the closest person in my life knows the real me. People sees me as strong and intimidating. I agree at some point but I’m not strong because I am born as one but because I have no choice but to be one. People see me as someone who got too much confidence when that’s one quality that’s lacking in me as I have low self-esteem.

There are lots of things in life that scares me and I am coward to face them but I know in time I should and there’s no escaping it.
Like other people, I carry a deep secret and am too scared to tell and only those whom I trust knows about it.

geez…kinda depressing..let’s change it to the good stuffs..I am someone who cares for the others before I even think of myself. I am a snob (well, that’s what my friend’s first impression of me), kinda perfectionist (I don’t think I am but that’s what they say). Oh well, that’s not a good stuff, is it?..hmm it’s too hard to lift my own seat so it’s better to ask my friends and family..(“,)..

I am who I am..

I prefer to be alone and am not able to express myself towards others and I’d rather show it than saying it. I was a “school-boarding house, library” “library, house-school” type of student, sounds like a loner and nerd? Nope, I am far from that.. You see I’m someone who takes everything seriously and when I was in Uni, I took my studies as something very important, a vital part of my future life. But it doesn’t mean I don’t go out, I go out with my best friends most of the time though I would prefer to stay home reading books (fiction), watching Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese dramas and Japanese Animations.

I am mostly addicted to anything related to Korean/Japanese drama and animations. Some people don’t get it why…. watching them always provide me with the comfort I need. It has become my stress reliever, they make me laugh and smile when the world seems to be too heavy for me to handle and would cry with me when I don’t have anyone to cry with.

I created this blog to share my passion to watching such but there are more interesting blogs that can give more depth to every dramas I watch so I don’t think people would take notice of this and so I decided though belatedly that I want to make this as some sort of a journal for me.. something where I can write things that I do and would love to do in the future. I want to share some experiences in my life. It would serve like a diary for me. If I have to write in a a paper then it might get lost but putting it here, internet will always be here so I may randomly share memorable moments in my life.

In every drama I watch, there are some that would really stick to my heart and everytime I watched it, I would always have this thought “Oh this drama is memorable to me..this was aired when I had difficulties and it always made me smile despite that…” I want to preserve those moments…

I am a stoked fangirl and I spazz a lot like crazy especially now that I found great friends on twitter. I am boarding two ships, InHyun and Dimple Couple. Recently, I have also started writing a fanfiction, I am not really good with words and I find it hard to express what I thought or how I feel but I am having fun doing it so even if I am novice, I’ll try my best.

I am obsessed with Takeru Sato and always floods my twitter TL with his pics.. (^_^)

I love Superjunior to boot and Leeteuk is my ultimate bias, second being Sungmin but I consider myself an Angel-ELF..

I wanted to change my domain as it doesn’t fit the purpose of my blog now but it’s complicated to change it now and If I don’t do it right, I might end up losing my blog.

To those who may be interested in visiting this blog, you are welcome and I’m open to any constructive criticisms…


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