When Love and Hate Collide: Chapter 23



After an hour of dancing and mingling with guests, Jungsu and Sora was dragged by Mrs. Kang telling them that it’s time to go.

“Go where?” they both asked.

“To your honeymoon of course” Mrs. Kang answered winking at them. We need to get you back to Seoul so you don’t miss your flight.” They both dragged in a hotel room and were instructed to change. As they heard the door closed, they looked at each other as silence followed.

“You better change first” they both said at the same time.

“You can use the bathroom” he offered “this must be our clothes” as he pointed at the set of clothes neatly laid out on the bed.

“You should change first” she said “I need to take out the pins on my hair first” as she sat down in front of the vanity but found herself struggling taking off her veil and the pins on her hair.

“I think you need help” he voiced out.

“I thought you were too insensitive to notice” she joked.

He stood behind her and started working on the hairpins as she stared at him on the mirror. She found him rather cute with his brows furrowed in concentration taking out pins after pins. When he was done, he looked at her intensely from the mirror and as if talking to himself he whispered softly “You’re beautiful”

She could feel her cheeks blushing not just because of his compliment but with the way that he was staring at her. “Thanks” she managed to say “I think I better go and change” she added as she gathered her clothes from the bed and made a dash to the bathroom. She changed to a long sleeve stripe shirt and white shorts showing her long legs. After she’s done, she went out of the door and stopped dead on her tracks as she caught Jungsu with his black trousers still on and was on the process of removing his inside shirt.  Sexy was the first word that came to her mind. She wasn’t aware that she was still staring until Jungsu realized she was there.

“I didn’t expect you to finish quickly” he commented stopping her from her not so decent thoughts.

She looked away from him avoiding his gaze as she said “You..you can use the bathroom now”

He must have noticed her stammering and used the chance to tease her. “Soraya, you need to get used to seeing this glorious body because you’ll be seeing it most of the time from now on” Without even looking at him, Sora knew he was smirking.

“Why? Do you have a habit of getting nude most of the time? I won’t tolerate that” she said taking a step back as she saw him walking towards her.

“Of course not, but for you, I’ll gladly show off this body of mine” he said giving her a sexy smile.

“No thanks. I’m not interested”

His hearty laugh vibrated in the hotel room as he stepped a little closer.  “If you’re not really interested then why can’t you even look at me?” he challenged.

To prove him wrong, she turned her head to look at him only to realize it was a mistake. He was once again gazing at her with those intense brown eyes that seem to penetrate her very soul. She saw his hand moved and reached out to touch her face and felt his thumb grazed on her lower lip. As if realizing what he has done, he quickly moved a step back and said “I..” took a deep breath “shouldgetchangedtoo” he said without a pause and made his way to the bathroom but not long after, he came back “I forgot my clothes” he informed as he collected them from the bed.

Hearing the bathroom door shut. Sora was left standing there still feeling the tension and thought of what might happen in their honeymoon. Honeymoon! She panicked. Shaking her head vigorously she tried to console herself. Anya..he promised me he won’t do anything and I trust him. But what worries her the most is not about that but more of, can she trust herself? Can she trust herself to be with him and not give in?

She was still lost in her thoughts when he came out with his usual white trousers matched with grey shirt and black men’s cardigan. Placing their wedding garments on the bed, they proceeded to the hotel lobby where they were instructed to go and found Mrs. Kang and Mrs. Park waiting for them. They were once again dragged out of the hotel to the area where the helicopter landed when Sora came. Their whole family and relatives were waiting for them.

Mrs. Kang handed Sora her travel handbag and said “Your tickets are there and both of your suitcases are ready”

“Where exactly are we going?” Jungsu asked.

“You’ll both know once you get to the airport” Mrs. Park answered.

After a series of teasing from her brothers and whispers of goodbyes from their family and friends, they got in the helicopter.

“You must be tired” Jungsu commented “We have almost an hour before we reach Seoul so you can rest”

“I’m fine thanks” she reassured him “You don’t really have any idea where are we going?” she asked. He shook his head. Sora inspected her bag and found both of their passports and tickets. With wide eyes, she exclaimed “You’ve got to be kidding me”

Noticing her surprised expression, Jungsu looked at the tickets and shrugged “It’s not that surprising. I would have expected them to book us a flight to Caribbean or a tour around Europe”

She looked at him, disbelief evident on her eyes. “Well unlike you and my brothers, I haven’t travelled out of the country apart from my NY trip on my eighteenth birthday.” She informed him and added excitedly “and now we’re going to Hawaii!”

He smiled at her obvious excitement.


After a series of long connecting flights from Seoul to Honolulu International Airport, they took another short airplane ride to Hana, Maui Island where they are going to stay for the next few days. Arriving at the Hana Airport late  afternoon, a white convertible car was already waiting for them. Sora was not surprised to know that Jungsu seems to be familiar with the place. Maybe he was here with one of his women. That thought doesn’t sit well with Sora.

“I’ve been here once for a business conference” he said.

“I see..” she answered trying to sound casual. “Alone?”

“No, I was with some business associates. Why do you ask?”

She shrugged as she settled herself in the car. “Just asking”

“I stayed here only for two days and haven’t got much time to tour around and I was planning to come back here. Maybe that’s where my Mom got the idea from.”

Hearing that, she felt rather relieved. Thinking that he might have already been in Hawaii other than her, doesn’t sound so appealing. He started the engine and hit the long winding Maui roads and enjoyed the view of the islands north coast with blue Hawaiian skies and golden sunshine. After almost two hours of driving, Hamoa Bay, Hana’s premier white-sand beach came to view.

Upon arriving at Hana Oceanfront Cottages, they were greeted warmly by Sandi and Dani, a couple who owned the private cottages. They were shown to one of the unit where they will be staying. The bungalow was impeccably decorated with old Hawaiian decor, it is complete with front porch where you can see the ocean, a kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Sora was so eager to explore the place but her exhaustion from their long flight won over her. After their hosts left, she went to the bedroom and flung herself on top of the mattress. She felt the soft cushion moved as he lied down beside her. Startled, she sat up. “Don’t tell me you’re staying here with me?”

“Why not?” he asked shrugging “The bed is big enough for two”

She tried to push him out of the bed. “The hell you are staying here with me!” she panicked.

“Why? Are you afraid I’d touch you?” he teased grinning at her wickedly.

“I’m not afraid of anything.”


“Yes! Really” as she arched an eyebrow at him.

“Then you wouldn’t mind me staying on this bed then?” he challenged still wearing his wicked grin.

“Fine!” she gave up “We’ll divide the bed and don’t ever cross my side” she threatened.

“I won’t as long as you don’t cross mine” he answered wiggling his eyebrows at her.

“I won’t” she answered in determination and stood up.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’m going to take a shower”

“Need a company?”

“Shut up” as she slammed the bathroom door behind her.

After taking a shower and get ready for bed, she placed two big pillows in the middle of the bed and made herself comfortable. She must have been too exhausted that she fell asleep right away.


(Park Jungsu)

Getting out of the bathroom, he found her already in bed and by the sound of her breathing, he knew she’s fast asleep. He walked to her side and stared at his sleeping wife. His wife. He smiled at the thought remembering as she walked down the aisle looking like a goddess. He couldn’t find himself to look away afraid that it was just a dream, that she was just a fragment of his imagination and thanked God she wasn’t. She was real and she was his.

He stopped himself from reaching out to her and made his way to his side of the bed. Moments have passed and he still finds it difficult to sleep. Not with his beautiful wife just arm lengths within his reach.

He only managed to sleep a few hours and decided to get up early and prepared breakfast for them. He wore his beach shorts and his favourite white shirt and went straight to the kitchen and checked the fridge which Sandi and Dani has nicely stocked with food. He was almost done preparing when Sora came out of their room wearing a simple white shirt and denim shorts. She has her hair tied up in a loose bun.

“You woke up so early. Did you not sleep?” she asked.

He was tempted to answer, No, thanks to you, but decided against it.

“I did but I’m used to waking up early so I thought of making breakfast” he answered instead.

“You should have waked me up” she said as she sat down on the chair.

“It looks like you needed more sleep so I didn’t”

She gave him a smile and muttered thanks. After eating breakfast, they talked about what to do to make the most of their honeymoon getaway. For today, they were going to hit the beach and take a sunset cruise.

As they approach the beach, the first thing he noticed is the sky, the cloudless, cerulean blue sky; in the distance, rolling clear-blue waves crash into each other can be heard. The sky is breathtaking along with the sounds of the waves and the tide washing onto the shore. It’s a scene of peace and tranquility.

Park Jungsu laughs at his own mushiness. When did I become so poetic? He has been to many places and beautiful beaches, granted Hawaii is a paradise to behold but never did he pay attention to little details such as how beautiful the sky is. What’s the difference now? Is it because the sky reminded him of someone? Someone who bore the same name? Someone who is walking beside him.

Shaking his head he thought. I’m completely doomed.


It’s been so long since she last visited the ocean and she can’t contain her excitement. She can’t wait to smell the fresh salty air, feel the soft sand between her toes and walk along the breezy shoreline. It was just after 10 in the morning and people are starting to fill the beach. They settled themselves on one of the beach loungers. As much as she wanted to enjoy the warm morning sun, she still needed to apply sun cream. Taking out the cream on her beach bag, she started applying on her arms and legs. After she was done, she handed it over to Jungsu.

“Are you not going to help me apply the cream?” he asked with his usual smirk.

“Don’t you have hands on your own? Do it yourself” she refused.

Taking a deep sigh, he started applying the cream on his arms. Making herself comfortable on the lounger, she put on her sunglasses and tried to avoid glancing at Jungsu who is on the process of applying cream on his toned biceps. At the corner of her eyes, she saw him remove his shirt. Darn! When did I ever find removing a shirt so attractive? And good gracious, my husband is buffed. My husband?! Blushing at her own thought, she shook her head.

He stood up from the lounger.

“Where are you going?” she found herself asking.

“Going to take a swim, want to join me?”

“Later” she answered simply.

She stared at his back as he walked to the shore. He turned to her when the water was leveled with his waist and waved at her before he took a dive. She reached out for her beach bag and grabbed the camera her mother has packed for her and started taking pictures. She started walking along the shore enjoying the feel of the white sand on her toes.

She took pictures of the magnificent sceneries of the island. She found children making sand castles and asked if she can take pictures of them too. Sora wasn’t aware how long she’s been taking pictures when she decided to go back to their beach lounger and started taking random shots when Jungsu emerged from the shore with water trickling down his glorious body.

“He’s hot!” she heard someone squealed from a nearby lounger.

And he’s mine. She found herself thinking. Shocked at her own possessiveness, she shook her head again.

He smiled as he approached her. “Did I just saw you taking pictures of me?” he asked smirking. “Just to let you know this body costs a million Korean Won for one picture”

“You’re so vain do you know that?” she scoffed. “and no I wasn’t taking pictures of you”

“Really?” he asked raising one eyebrow at her “Can I see your camera then?”

As he made an attempt to take it away from her, she quickly put it back on her bag. “I don’t allow anyone to touch my camera”

“Yeah right” and he tried to take her bag away from her.

“You can’t!” she strongly refused “I have my personal belongings in here” she reasoned.

“So?” he asked like it’s not something to worry about “We’re married now and we should share things”

“I only agree to marry you but that doesn’t mean you can go through my personal stuff”

“Arasso” he gave up.

After making sure that he won’t try to take her camera, she stood up.

“I better take a swim too” she said as she started taking off her denim shorts and white shirt revealing a red two-piece swimsuit showing her curves which she guessed could be Inyoung’s idea because her mother would never dare buy her one. She isn’t really comfortable wearing one but looking at Jungsu gaping at her, admiration on his now big wide-eyes, she felt confident that maybe she wasn’t looking bad after all. She decided to turn the table around. “Like what you see?” she teased.

He tried to regain his composure. Clearing his throat, he said “Not bad”

She laughed at that. His face has turned red as a tomato.

“Not bad eh?” she teased again “Tsk tsk..Park Jungsu-ssi, can’t you even find a better word to describe your wife?” she added daunting him. “You need to wipe that drool off your face”

She fell into a fit of giggles as she saw him wipe his mouth. Realizing that she was making fun of him, he stood up making her take a step back. “Don’t expect that you can get away from that you little tease” he said with an evil grin.

Before he could make a move, she made a run to the shore but she wasn’t fast enough as she felt his arms draped around her as he lift her up in the air and the next minute, she was in the water in a splash!

Author’s note:

I was blushing and giggling on my own typing this chapter..kkk..Talking about the place of their honeymoon, my original story was set in Caribbean but changed it to Hawaii since it reminded me of DC WGM. poke @lucyjung, girl as much as I would like them to come in England for honeymoon, it won’t be possible. I wanted to do their honeymoon the Teukie-way. Remember his dream honeymoon? to go back to nature and throw their clothes away..bwahahaha.. if they come here, they have to be wrapped up in coats, na-uh, I don’t like it.kkk

Once again, I did a thorough research of the best honeymoon destinations in Hawaii..LOL..if only I am like this at doing my homework.. 😀

@teukrhodz sorry if I’m a day late from posting. 😦

@kazu thanks for reading! I did try so hard for the previous chapter and glad I didn’t disappoint you.

@sachixia I was teary eyed myself when I was writing their vows.. 😦 and just like @teukrhodz said, I hope it happens for real in the future.. ^^

@zeez writing every chapter is really hard.

@lovelysin25 @athena @huey @mianazra thanks for reading and commenting girls, it encourages me to work hard on every chapter.. ^^

pardon me for any grammar errors, feel free to point it out to me..^^



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